Networking & WiFi

Business Oriented

Your network and Wi-Fi is the backbone of your business. It is essential that it is installed and setup correctly to provide flawless reliability. From your phones, laptops and desktops, to your servers, printers and access points – everything needs to communicate without a hitch. 

At EmB Computing, we rely on premium, reliable hardware and utilize our extensive experience to build a network that can and will scale to your every need.  Contact us today for help with any of your network or WiFi needs. 

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Trusted Hardware

The foundation for every network is the hardware. We hand pick our products from premium brands to ensure reliability for our customers based on their needs. Learn about our hardware by clicking below. 

Network Security

Network security is not to be taken lightly. With transactions, customer data and confidential information running through your network, you need to be sure your network is secure. Click below to learn more.

Our Hardware

EnGenius is our-go to hardware for providing fast and reliable Wi-Fi for your business. Whether you need a managed or non-managed Wi-Fi network, EnGenius provides top of the line features to your network with:

Network Foundation

Every EmB Computing network starts with a solid foundation. This backbone of infrastructure is critical, and must be carefully planned, expertly installed and fully protected, made ready for real world data transport. With every new project come challenges our staff is trained and experienced to overcome.

We offer Cisco, and Netgear switches and routers to provide best in class solutions depending on your network needs. Your end point router and switches are where everything comes together to form your network, whether it be Wi-Fi, offsite or hard line connections. Trust in Cisco and Netgear to ensure your network stays fully operational.

Network Switch with Cat6 cables

Network Security

Our Featured Brands

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Hardware Firewall

Don’t just detect breaches after they happen, prevent them before they occur. Stop ransom-ware, phishing attacks and encrypted threats over wired and wireless networks. 

VPN Boxes

Having safe and easy access to your data wherever they are is a must. Set user based policies and ensure that your network is protected from mobile threats and unauthorized access with a secure VPN client. 

Software Firewall

Never put your faith in just one solution. No matter how good the hardware is or how trusted the brand – it is always beneficial to have a backup plan. Pairing your hardware wall with a software firewall from our Avast CloudCare package ensures that you have multi-layered protection from any potential threats.