Computer Repair

Computer Repair

We fix broken screens, keyboards, clean up malware and viruses among a host of other issues. 

Common Computer Repair Issues We Fix

Virus/Spyware Removal

Computer running slow? Have unwanted pop-ups or blue screens? You might have a virus. Bring your computer in for our technicians to run a deep scan to uproot that hard to find malware. Learn more about our Avast Antivirus software here.

Hard Drive Replacement

Hard Drives contain a spinning metal disk (often upwards of 7200 rotations per minute!) and over time they will fail. If your hard drive gives out on your, or you just need more space to store all your files, our technicians can install a drive to get you back up and running in no time. 

LCD Screen Repair/Replacement

Nobody is perfect and accidents happen all the time. Don’t stress out – screen repairs are a breeze at EmB Computing. Get an OEM screen replacement for your laptop and have it running, and looking, like new in no time! 

Battery Replacements

Batteries lose their charging capacity and die over time. If you notice your device is not charging or holding a charge as long as it used to – you may be due for a replacement battery. We’ll set you up with a certified replacement designed specifically for your laptop or device. 

Liquid Damage Repair Diagnostics

The dreaded spilled drink can wreak havoc on your devices. All hope is not lost. Stop by our shop and we’ll provide free diagnostics on your device and let you know the best course of action to take. 

Memory Replacement/Upgrade

Do you experience random blue screens? Is your computer running slow while multiple programs are open? You might need new, or more memory. We can advise you on what the best type amount of memory is for your machine based on your daily computer usage. 

Hardware Diagnostics

Our experienced technicians have years of computer troubleshooting. Cracked screens, broken fans, shorted motherboards and whatever else you throw our way can be handled by our staff. 

Virus Removal

Viruses don’t stand a chance against our deep scanning virus removal methods and tools. Whether it’s malware, adware, or a nasty virus, we can get identify, quarantine and remove anything you may run in to. 

Software Troubleshooting

Software unexpectedly malfunctions all of the time and EmB Computing is there when it does. Don’t get frustrated trying to fix technical issues. Give us a call and have one of our trained technicians look it over and get it working.

Computer repair, graphic design program with a touch pad

Fix a Slow Computer Fast!

Computer repair is in our blood. From internet infections, to Trojans trying to take your personal information, we will diagnose and remove even the most complex viruses. Our technicians are extremely skilled and understand how important your computer data is to you – we do everything possible to protect your personal files. 

Like cars, computer parts will eventually break down or malfunction over time. One of our many skill sets is to pin point the issue and repair it. Our professional team is passionate about getting you back up and running as quickly as possible!